There’s nothing more patriotic than wanting your country to be better

Nasty nationalism is back in force in Western politics.

Since the Brexit vote, government ministers have attacked Remainers – those who wish Britain to remain in the European Union (EU) – and sceptical journalists for being unpatriotic. In the US, Donald Trump has embraced the white-supremacist alt-right and condemned (often black) football players for disrespecting the national anthem with their “take a knee” protests. And as Europe’s refugee crisis has highlighted, welcoming others is often portrayed as disloyal to one’s nation.

Liberals and progressives often feel uncomfortable talking about patriotism, but they shouldn’t surrender this political ground to nativist and reactionary nationalists. On the contrary: patriotism means wanting the very best for your country, which should mean seeking to overcome the barriers that are holding it back from progress. It ought to be about imagining how much better a country can become, not harking back to an idealised past.

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