CapX: The open secret to Canada’s tech boom

Cities around North America are waiting with bated breath as Amazon decides where to place its second headquarters. “HQ2” will be a $5 billion facility, generating 50,000 high-paying jobs.

On the shortlist of 20 locations there’s just one non-US city: Toronto, Canada.

The tech scene north of the border is quietly booming. In 2016, the Toronto region added more jobs in technology than New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area combined. It already has a major AI research centre, Google’s Sidewalk Labs and Thomson Reuters’ new tech hub.

Over in the west, Vancouver’s tech sector now employs 92,000 people, and Amazon is planning to bring 3,000 new tech jobs to the city by 2022. It is also home to Hootsuite, a social media management platform which has millions of users around the world.

So how has Canada fuelled this growth? Where could they possibly find such large numbers of highly-skilled, entrepreneurial workers?

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